Our response to COVID-19

UPDATED 3-23-2020

At Connector Specialists, we take our commitments seriously. The COVID-19 outbreak has changed the ways that we have to interact with our partners, but it has done nothing to diminish our pledge to honor our commitments. Our business processes and resource alignments are evolving as business challenges arise, so we wanted to address what we’re doing today to safeguard our people, our customers, and our supply chain. While Louisiana and certain localities where we have branches outside of Louisiana are “stay at home” ordered, our business is open as a result of having to support customers that fall into “essential” classifications.

FIELD SALES: We have asked our field salespeople to work from home as much as possible. We don’t want them out “going door to door,” and we don’t want them in and out of our branch locations. If a customer situation arises that requires their on-site intervention, then we’ve asked them to do what is necessary, but to use good judgment and be thoughtful of public health concerns. Otherwise, we expect them to be responsive to your needs via electronic means (phone, email, video conferencing, etc.)

CUSTOMER SERVICE: Where possible, we’ve afforded our customer service team the opportunity to work from home and we expect this to have minimal impact to our customer’s experience. We are in constant communication with our primary suppliers and we anticipate no changes to their manufacturing or order fulfilment capacity. At this time, freight and parcel shipments are moving normally. We are happy to accommodate order pickups that maintain social distance. Please talk to your customer service representative to coordinate. We would also ask that you give our delivery drivers the opportunity to maintain social distance when dropping off orders.

VENDOR MANAGED INVENTORY (VMI): If our customers will allow vendors to maintain parts bins in accordance with CDC guidelines on social distance, we are happy to do so. If not, we understand. Please coordinate inventory needs with your customer service representative until we can return to normal service procedures.

RETAIL SETTINGS: Our ParkerStores strategies are evolving in an effort to limit the human interactions at our sales counters. Maintaining best practices around sanitation of workspaces and social distancing have been prioritized. For customers that wish to have a “hands-off” experience, we’ll be happy to accommodate, just please call ahead so we can meet your expectations efficiently. Curbside pickup options are available.

FIELD SERVICES: Our service teams are still working on jobsites defined as “essential” by state and local government entities. All necessary precautions for work activities are being taken in cooperation with our customers’ jobsite policies.

We are all trying to juggle very important priorities both at home and in the workplace. We know you are too. Please rest assured that we are doing all that we can to safeguard our people and the general public at large in accordance with guidance from all levels of government and the CDC. Thank you for putting your trust in us as a valuable partner.