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821FR Series821FR Series

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821FR Series

Push-Lok Low Pressure Rubber Fire Resistant Cover Multipurpose Hose
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Part # In-Stock Price/UOM
+ 821FR-12-WHT Contact Us $10.16
+ 821FR-4-WHT Contact Us $7.49
+ 821FR-6-WHT Contact Us $7.69
+ 821FR-8-WHT Contact Us $8.45
UOM Inner Diameter Color Working Pressure Material Mating Fitting Series
FT 0.75 Inch White 250 PSI (17 bar) Rubber 82
FT 0.25 Inch White 350 PSI (20 bar) Rubber 82
FT 0.375 Inch White 300 PSI (20 bar) Rubber 82
FT 0.5 Inch White 300 PSI (20 bar) Rubber 82
Low pressure pneumatic/hydraulic hose for use with petroleum base hydraulic fluids and lubricating oils and anitfreeze solutions. Inner Tube: PKR rubber. Reinforcement: One fiber braid. Cover: Fire resistant fiber braid