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SW360-1500 DRAGON BREATH® SeriesSW360-1500 DRAGON BREATH® Series

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Hot Air Blower Hose
Part #: SW360-1500 Manufacturer: Parker
Price/UOM: $16.44In Stock!
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DRAGON BREATH® is a heavy duty, high pressure hot air blower hose designed for bulk loading and unloading of dry materials in plants or transport vehicles. The hose transfers hot air from a compressor to the storage bin/cargo bay to propel bulk product. The hose construction incorporates a tube that features a temperature rating to 350°F (177°C) and resists drying out. The dual wire helix provides full suction capability, kink resistance, flexibility for ease of handling and a path to conduct a static electrical charge to ground. The cover resists abrasion, heat and ozone.
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