ABS Approvals for Parker Hoses



WICKLIFFE, Ohio – The Hose Products Division of Parker Hannifin today announced that 13 of its hoses and fittings comply with American Bureau of Shipping (ABS) Rules. The ABS is a ship classification society that establishes standards known as "Rules" for the design, construction and periodic survey of vessels.


By applying these internationally accepted "Rules," ABS classifies ships, which helps assure that they are fit for their intended service. Classification provides assurance to owners, purchasers, shippers, underwriters, and other interested persons that a particular vessel possesses the structural and mechanical capability for safe performance.

"Parker is pleased that a number of our hoses and fittings meet the internationally accepted standards of the ABS," said Anthony Ciocca, Product Engineer in Parker’s Hose Products Division. "Our customers in the marine industry can be assured that we meet these requirements when using our products."

The Parker products consist of non-metallic, flexible hydraulic hoses and fittings within the intended service areas of hydraulic fluids, lubricating oils, fuel oils, water, and air.

Parker hoses and fittings that comply include:





221FR -5 to -16 01-HS144777/1-PDA 26

451TC -4 to -20 01-HS144777/1-PDA 43

471TC -4 to -16 01-HS144777/1-PDA 43

772TC -6 to -32 01-HS144777/1-PDA 71

782TC -12 to -24 01-HS144777/1-PDA 78

792TC -12 to -20 01-HS144777/1-PDA 79

302 -4 to -32 06-HS176186-PDA 43

422 -4 to -32 06-HS176186-PDA 43

472TC -20 to -32 06-HS176186-PDA 43

791TC -12 to -24 06-HS176186-PDA 79

301 -20 to -32 04-HS245694-1-PDA 43

426 -4 to -32 04-HS245694-1-PDA 43

436 -6 to -16 04-HS245694-1-PDA 43

A current ABS listing can be found at